Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rid The Night

Rid the night of poison
Rid it with a smile
The colors run deep
The colors run vile
When she cried for the sun
The words floated away
Riding on wings of dreams
They were never meant to stay
All the words she couldn't say
Fell to her feet
Buried in the ground
Sprouted flowers
In another season
Does there have to be
A reason?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

There Is Always More

When you think that it has ended

When you're completely sure

When you smoke the cigarette of victory

Remember, there is always more

There is no pride in pain

It hurts the brave and cowards alike

Pain is not an emotion

It's a force from outside

While we all build defenses

While we strengthen our walls

The rot clings to foundations

Eats the floors of our halls

There is more where this comes from

It's not where, it's just when

When black things climb from the darkness

To eat the hearts of brave men

And cowards too

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Distill all the noise
Into a single voice
Breathe some life into it
And set it free
Let this sound travel far
Add it to the universal chaos
Stop trying to find
Meaning in everything
These things
These beings
They just exist, to exist
Evolution is cruel
It spares no one
There isn't too much fun
Being victim of natural selection
Why strive?
Why bother?
Why to do anything at all
Just drift
Like a dead fish in a dead river

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Grudge

I chew the slivers of broken dreams
Till my teeth scrape and my gums bleed
Still I chew it hard into a mush
Still I smile as I swallow that slush

It never gets better with time
Each mouthful bitter than last
But the dog in me is relentless
It keeps chewing like a bastard

The times when it's tough to swallow
When the insides have become hollow
Only a void where something used to be
Beaten free from the desire to be free

This morning I took another mouthful of dreams
To chew all day as I sit in this chair
High on the fumes that make my eyes tear
I am not even here. 
Not even here

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Joy Is Gone

There is an empty feeling
Where something used to be
The joy is gone
There is only void
How does it feel
To feel nothing at all
Not even dread 
That one day I'll be dead
Acceptance comes at a price
The price that is too much
I've paid it in dimes
I've paid for my crimes
Even the simple sins
Acts of laziness
Acts of bitterness
Anger and indifference
Though these faults made me human
I've paid for them all
Now I suffer alone
For all joy is gone


the struggle