Saturday, December 22, 2012

How To Break A Man

How do you break a man?
From a giant to the bottom of a trash can?
The recipe is simple
It's a beauty like a dimple
You bring that man
Face to face
With a beautiful girl
And make him fall in love
If he doesn't fall in love
You try another girl
And another
And another
This requires patience
For breaking men isn't an easy task
Once this man has fallen in love
He will be weak
He might think that love has made him strong
But he is wrong
The heart weakens in the tender palaces of love
Love in a pin you can stab
An insult you can grab
It hurts most, where it hurts the most
The you slowly break the man
Inch by inch
Day by day
Till he is disillusioned
And alone
Till he has no place called home
Then you take away the thing he loves
A tender kiss of goodbye
A finger traced upon a thigh
The little things
That get lost
As a brave man
Turns to a ghost
A memory of what he was
Once upon a time

1 comment:

  1. Loved it pallav! deep, dark and drunk(it seems), but attractive :))