Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Found Poetry

A little background: I saw this phone "review" on flipkart, and it seemed pretty poetic to me. So, I divided it into lines where I felt appropriate, without editing for grammar or typos. The end result is this. Very Nissim Ezekiel. Enjoy :) 

5 Reasons why I would buy this phone
Disclaimer :I am pretty much an android user for 2 years,
which makes my review little aggressive.
Any android fan boys out there
please don't be offended.

1.I get Windows Phone OS with all the apps I need,
I don't need my phone just to have angry bird 
or talking tom,
what I need is quality apps which work for me. 

Facebook and Twitter and all other social sites integrated into the OS 
(so I don't have to do to marketplace install their apps which doesn't help much :D ) 
will save lot of time going through apps 
and figuring out what's new in all of them.

Guys why do you need so much apps in market ? 
Are you gonna install 100000+ apps in your phone ?? 
Are you kidding ?

2. In built Outlook Mobile Client: 
I have an android tablet which I use as my alarm. 
its good for just that. 
When I already spent enough on a tab/smartphone, 
why would I not get a world class Email client or browser? 

Trust me 

The default Email Active sync do not sync folders I have specified 
on my outlook 
nor google has a concept of giving regular update. 
Cannot blame them 
for the fact their vendors messed it all. 

So I will be forced to Buy Email clients like "TouchDown" 
which I found the only app giving a good professional Email sync.
In Case of Windows Phone 
We get the outlook mobile itself present, 
and I get to see all my meetings on the start screen. 

I get complete office mobile version which is an added bonus .

3. Nokia build quality: 
The screen resolution is awesome for this price. 
I will tell you why I feel that. 
I recently gifted someone an android phone 
when nokia did not have 710 or 610 
it cost me around 9.5k, from Samsung. 

The screen resolution is so bad 
that I can see the pixels in them :D. 

This model has soft key which even Lumia 710 does not have. 
I would say this phone would have cost 15k-17k if this was released 
1 year before. 
And this looks to have Gorilla Glass.

4.Camera : 
Agree they don't give you a VGA
(oldddd technology) 
front cam. 
at this price there aren't much phone who will give 5MP cam with LED flash. 

Am I talking like a nokia sales man? 

well I have a Samsung Galaxy S, 
much celebrated phone from the Apple rivals.. 
they don't have a flash for their camera. Nor does their 15k phone Galaxy Ace has it... 
guess what.. an entry level Windows Phone from Nokia has it...

5. Fits my budget: 
I would not spend on 40k iphone to show off. 
I am happy to spend for something fits my needs 
and this phone does it and covers my work and social life.

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