Monday, July 30, 2012


psychedelic misinterpretations
psychosomatic invitations
it all drifts, with the flow
faster as we go, as we go

do we really know?
the thoughts within?
the price of a smile?
the chemistry of sin?

questions are good
she said
ask me a question
i nodded my head
but i had no question
so i just stared
at her
till my eyes defocused
and she blurred
into butterflies and sunshine.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When the night is dark

When the night is dark
Words rush in
From crowded corners
Where they hide
Forgotten and scared 
Of everything

But with the lights off
It's open season
They seek no rhyme
Follow no reason
When away from the keys
And pen and paper
Words rush in
As brightness tapers
The crawl under the skin
In fingers 
In hair

Tangled, we dream
But they disappear
As morning light
Silently appears