Sunday, May 20, 2012

Death Of The Coffee Machine

There was no way I could realize
I was taken by surprise
There was no way I could've seen
The death of the coffee machine

It just sat there silently
Staring back at me
No water dripping, no powder moving
Through its extremities

I shed a tear
Sighed a sigh
So saddened
Nearly cried

Murderous without my morning dose of caffeine
I mourned the death of coffee machine
I wondered if this could be a dream
And if I'd wake up with a scream
But it was real, as real as the saddest scene
Of an empty, non-working coffee machine
Irritated, De-caffienated
I grumbled and heavily hated
The coffee would also be missing me
So should I drink a cup of tea?  


  1. Though, I normally don't like poems that rhyme but I like this one. Materialistic to the core which we all are anyway. I guess sometimes the coffee machine is missed more than people. I love how this was brought about very subtly through the poem P. I loved the use of "Irriated and De-caffienated" together. For me that is a strong symbolism in the entire poem. Thanks. :)

    1. thanks Vivek :D Rhyming a poem takes more effort usually, so it's funny that you don't like them much. But I'm glad you liked this one. This is just irritation of monday morning when you reach office and there is NO coffee in there!! I wanted to tear my hair out! then I wrote this poem :)