Monday, May 28, 2012

Watched Me Burn

When I fought the dragons
When I swam the seas
When I burned in fires
Were you even thinking of me?

Pretty one
Sweet child
How could you
Stay wild?

I was lying in the pits of darkness
I was dying, slowly out of breath
All I needed was a touch
But maybe I asked too much

Then I crawled deep under my ashes
My wounds filled with rotting worms
I dreamed, of your fleeting warmth
While you watched me burn

For Fuck's Sake

After the stories are told
All complaints are old
The suicide hotline is cold
Who will listen to you now?

You've complained all year
While others lived in fear
For your dark shadow to clear
Can you see the setting sun now?

You've fucked up every source
Screamed till you were hoarse
Now you tap angry code in morse
Where is your voice now?

The blood has run dry
The razors are cold, so cold
You can't even cry
Are you feeling bold?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Death Of The Coffee Machine

There was no way I could realize
I was taken by surprise
There was no way I could've seen
The death of the coffee machine

It just sat there silently
Staring back at me
No water dripping, no powder moving
Through its extremities

I shed a tear
Sighed a sigh
So saddened
Nearly cried

Murderous without my morning dose of caffeine
I mourned the death of coffee machine
I wondered if this could be a dream
And if I'd wake up with a scream
But it was real, as real as the saddest scene
Of an empty, non-working coffee machine
Irritated, De-caffienated
I grumbled and heavily hated
The coffee would also be missing me
So should I drink a cup of tea?  

Saturday, May 19, 2012

So, she said

Kiss me, she said
I followed where she led, me
Even though I could not see
I trusted her
But her words were sweetened blades
Cold like fires of hades
I loved them still
Just like I loved her
How I loved her
I swallowed her lies
The blades were her eyes
I bled
She led
It was fine for a while
Till we reached the Nile
She climbed a crocodile on the shore
Told me to follow
I just sat there by the bank of the river
Cuz I didn't know where to go.