Thursday, February 23, 2012

Seeking Clarity

When I look to the horizon
All I see is darkness
Adding confusion to my thoughts
Pulling me deeper in this mess
Time comes when I can't navigate
I just feel along the walls in this place
My only compass is my hate
Which does not show on my face
Hate is the fuel in my engine
Burning me to seek clarity
Find meaning in something, anything
Sadness, madness or hilarity
Sometimes I sit in my dark room
Shut up and let the voices commune
They fight, argue and bitch to the max
I sit back, listen and relax
Clarity will come at it's own pace
I realize that it's a growth, not a destination
So I put another mask on my face
And let go of my hesitation
Clarity comes.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hello, Coffee

I can feel this coffee sink in my gums
I know it's working to rot my teeth
As I swirl it in my mouth
It tastes as bitter as defeat

The aftertaste of poison lingers on
Like the burn of a flashbulb that has been fired
I've drank cups and cups and cups of this shit
But I still don't feel inspired

My fingers lie dead on the home keys
A home that's so far away
In my mind and geographically
I've never felt more out of place

Like a lonely jigsaw piece, I drink
This bitter coffee of defeat and shame
When I slowly stop and think
I've only myself to blame

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Gift

I'm full of so many thoughts that I need to express
Just let them flow from my mind without the need to impress
Keep the emotions raw without the words blocking them
To touch the hearts of the reader, with something almost human

I won't confuse all my thoughts
With big words and bullshit
I'll say it plain and all truth
Cuz this is how it is writ

Why make a big deal out of nothing
When we can keep it simple
There's electricity in this air
That won't let the words go dull

So this is my gift to you, dear reader
All these words that I write
Even if you're not with me
I will continue to fight
I will continue to write

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Sudden Lack of Immortality

I will not be here
In a 100 years, or so.
But it's also true
Neither will you
This time, the now, is all we've got
It's slipping away really fast
We can try to grope it
We can try to hang on
But what's the point
Time doesn't give a fuck
About you, or me, or anyone else
It goes on
And on and on
So spend some time at home
Take a break from this race
Drive slower
Chew longer
Love something
Have your heart broken
It will heal, in time
You'll fondly cherish the scar
We're all scarred after all ;)
And it won't matter
In a 100 years, or so.