Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Tree On The Mountain

It's lonely at the top
Looking down at everything 
So far away
So out of reach
Life is a beach
The tree would never visit
For the tree on the mountain
Is lonely as lonely can be
The birds visit at times
But they fly away too
The tree on the mountain
Is as lonely as you
So won't you visit the tree
Don't you want to see
How the tree on the mountain
Spends its days 
Counting the ways
Sand would feel funny between its roots
For when the night falls dark
Dreams awaken in the tree's bark
The tree dreams it'd be free
And one day reach the sea

1 comment:

  1. Someone made such a reference to me few days back. They said, I'd be lonely at the top, coz I chose to walk alone. :/
    Maybe the tree aint that sad. Maybe he's like a.. monk. You know? Meditating and stuff.