Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It Always Rains In This City

It always rains in this city
Through the day, through the night
All the lights shine so pretty
All the darkness is so bright

There is sin in these streets
There is hunger, there is fear
Mistrust breeds deceit 
Every shadow is so clear

People drown their sorrows
In the bottles filled with fire
They don't want a tomorrow
But they fall to desire

In these streets you walk
Memories fogged like a glass
From the breath of a lover
Who never takes off her mask

It always rains in this city
Where the lights are so pretty
In the puddles and the gutters
Where hope crawls off to die

Hey all, to get the feel of this poem in prose, check my Short Story blog where I am experimenting with noir genre. It's a cool story called Shadow Zone and I'm posting new parts every day. Hope you like reading it :)

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