Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dark Hearts, Dark Deeds

She said she'd do anything
He heard her and repeated it
Then the bell rang like hell
And words turned to shit

There is nothing worse than loss
Of what you hold so dear
There is nothing worse than a coin's toss
Between hope and fear

The alternating sides of coins
Just like different human faces
One for you and one for them
They take us different places

So trust not the words
And trust not the deeds
Trust not anything
That hungers, lusts, bleeds
When you see the words
Remember what they read
Dark hearts
Dark deeds

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Tree On The Mountain

It's lonely at the top
Looking down at everything 
So far away
So out of reach
Life is a beach
The tree would never visit
For the tree on the mountain
Is lonely as lonely can be
The birds visit at times
But they fly away too
The tree on the mountain
Is as lonely as you
So won't you visit the tree
Don't you want to see
How the tree on the mountain
Spends its days 
Counting the ways
Sand would feel funny between its roots
For when the night falls dark
Dreams awaken in the tree's bark
The tree dreams it'd be free
And one day reach the sea

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


The universe is closing around me
Taking me in
This claustrophobic hug
Is funny
I just forgot to breathe.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Keys Flew Away

It was a Monday in January

When the keys flew away

Slowly floating away from the keyboard

Maybe they too were bored


The wind took them through a window

In the side of the office

Where they took to the sky

To play with the clouds


The keys spun with the currents

Leaving contrails behind them

The words were imprinted on the skies

For all to see


Then there was me

Alone in the office

Watching a keyboard without keys

Waiting for inspiration

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Remember The Words

She is the chaos child

Her soul an animal, wild

Rushing through infinities

Electric extremities


When she whispers in your ear

You better pay attention

Even if the meaning is clear

The secrets need a mention


How deep would you dig in?

To find the root of her sin

In the pages of a book

You closed and locked far away


Feel the fear in the darkness

Feel the terror of being alone

Remember the words she said

Welcome to the shadow zone

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It Always Rains In This City

It always rains in this city
Through the day, through the night
All the lights shine so pretty
All the darkness is so bright

There is sin in these streets
There is hunger, there is fear
Mistrust breeds deceit 
Every shadow is so clear

People drown their sorrows
In the bottles filled with fire
They don't want a tomorrow
But they fall to desire

In these streets you walk
Memories fogged like a glass
From the breath of a lover
Who never takes off her mask

It always rains in this city
Where the lights are so pretty
In the puddles and the gutters
Where hope crawls off to die

Hey all, to get the feel of this poem in prose, check my Short Story blog where I am experimenting with noir genre. It's a cool story called Shadow Zone and I'm posting new parts every day. Hope you like reading it :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I've forgotten
Than I can remember
This brain is old
Getting older
Getting colder
So cold
Fighting every day
Every night
Every waking hour
My thoughts devour
I am tasty
But I'll get stuck in the throat
Of whoever tried to eat me
I'll claw and dig my way out
Of every hole
Even when I've forgotten my way back
Even then I'll remember to attack

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Fog

Life is a road
Full of fog of time
We can only see till a distance
And pray it will be fine

One step in front of another
Eyes on the prize
Even if you can't see
Keep it clear in your mind

So, walk on brother walk on
Walk my sister walk
We're all going home
Through this fog of life

We'll get there
Trust me on this
We'll get there
Sooner, or later