Wednesday, September 21, 2011


From dirt I arise
Back to dirt I will go
Not a day too soon
Not a day too late
When the time comes
To seal my fate
Stab it with a black knife
Seal that coffin shut
Set it on fire
Throw the ashes in the Nile
In the Ganges 
Sprinkle on top of Mr. Everest
Then after a thousand years or so
As nature takes its course
I will be whole again
To arise from the dirt
Be me again

Dirt. That's us.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Final Race

The wind rushes by me
The speed I can't ignore
Brushing shoulders with death
Keeps me from getting bored

Wind makes my eyes teary
The fear fuels my heart
It beats like a drum machine
That will tear me apart

I can only go faster
There will be no slowing down
In the face of disaster
There will be no throwing down

So if my death waits for me
I'll ask for a final race
I will win that one too
Leave exhaust fumes in death's face

Heh. Don't know what made me write this. But if you like to drive, and drive fast, I think you'll connect with this.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Days blur into each other
I passed this street yesterday
Change this life for another
But would I want it that way?

Stuck in this bubble
Dreaming kaleidoscopic 
What's the trouble?
I'm slightly sick

But now I'm okay
That feeling went away
Like it does everyday
Today, yesterday

I'm fine now
Though I used
To be confused

But I'm fine now
I'm really fine

Just trying to capture the confused feeling.

Monday, September 12, 2011


There was a wound in my heart
Sewed up so it won't fall apart
Now the scar stares at me
But it doesn't mean much, you see

I will nail the scab till it hurts
Tear the skin, till blood spurts
Pick the pieces from my nails
Because pain never fails

There is only so much pain
That you can officially take
After that its peaceful state
Either you wake or break

So, have I woken or I've broken
I do not know till now
There is only a path to walk
Which will answer me somehow


Ah ha, good old angst and bloody imagery.  

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Dream

There was a rainy day, once
It rained like it has never rained 
I walked that day alone
Drenched to the bone.

I saw you there
Playing with raindrops
Like a mermaid
Stranded out of a dream

Did we share a look?
Did we share a thought?
Did we share some future?
From my mind to yours?

There is nothing more I can say
Or I could say, or should say
There is just you and me now 
And there is us, that's enough
Enough for both of us.

Ah, love.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Wait

Now listen
There is nothing more painful than an unsaid goodbye
It might be your turn next time
So do it. Do what you want to do.
Death will not give a warning
There will never be a second chance
To do what you were born to do
Find your calling
Pull it out
From your dreams
From your screams
Shut up
Stop complaining
Work these hands
Use your head
It's simple
When you know
That death is waiting for you
Only you.