Friday, August 5, 2011

December By The Lake

A cold evening of December
Is a day I fondly remember
With friends and a bonfire
Star studded sky to admire
When drink loosed tongues
We began to talk
Stories pored from our lungs
Some took a walk
While others sat around
Poked the fire in the ground
Told truths and lies
That filled the night
We were full of cheers
Unaware of the fears
That were yet to come
We were blissfully dumb
What a good times those were
Now only memories stir
I will always remember
The lake that December


It was an amazing night. The first time I drank Vodka :)


  1. Excellence personified.Memories of time spend with friends is so refreshing.isn't it? :)

  2. Vodka can do some amazing things :) Lovely post!

  3. Well, This first time, be it anything, having a crush, getting drunk, wearing those sexy black pumps, it's always a treat!

    Love, Risha :)

  4. Thanks all,

    Yes, the poem is close to my heart. Those were good times.



  5. Pulled me back in the first time memory lane...nice :)