Saturday, May 21, 2011

Irritate Me

You fucking irritate me
Lying, backstabbing scum
Don't you dare instigate me
Cuz now we're just done
You have no mind for honor
You live without a code
Your life is stuck in a limbo
A jealous burning mode
Drown in your own devices
Of hate and angry noise
Bitch on like a housewife
You don't have a choice
This is all you can do
And this poem is my "fuck you"
Die in a ditch
Like the bitch

More coming!


  1. Sounds like you poured your entire irritation in words. Well, a healthy way indeed. Looking forward to your more work ( next time a serene you, I suppose)
    Monika (

  2. impressive poetry


  3. Was missing ur tweets... Good to find some new stuff here! Love this one. If only I too could say some 'fuck u's' this well! :)