Monday, January 10, 2011

They All Look Just Like You

It's a crowd of people
For as far as I can see
But they all look like you
To me

Its the manner in which they hold themselves
How they walk and how they talk
In the place where memories dwell
I write my name in chalk

Everyone in this strange place
They all look like you
When I look into the mirror
I am you too.

Bless Me

I bless myself everyday
Say thanks to the gods who will listen
Even thank the gods that ignore me
I don't want their attention anyway
All my focus is on you
With every step closer to you
In everything I do
I am coming for you
Wherever you are
I am reaching for you
In love or in war
The world would not stop me
I will run the fuckers through
I'd murder cute kittens and puppies
When it concerns you
And there is nothing I won't do
Even if you don't want me to
If the question is about you
I'll be the answer, true

2011 eh?