Friday, December 3, 2010

Things I Can't Control

Sometimes you work hard for fuck
Sometimes you get fucked for free
There is shit you can't control
And shit not controlled by me

It all gets out of hand at times
But where do I point the finger of blame?
Who takes responsibility for these crimes?
Should these voodoo dolls have names?

Even sorry doesn't cut it at times
The times when things fuck up so bad
I can be sorry a thousand times
And more than that sad

Now I sit confused in my room
Thinking of darkness and doom
Losing the will to fight...
Won't you show me some light?


  1. won't you be an immortal if you found the answers to all that Qs?

  2. one comment every year :) hahaha

    Thanks guy and girls.

    @razul, everything is wrong.