Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Silence

In a second the lights are out
No more click clacks
Sudden darkness
Silent people
From a gap in the curtains
A sliver of a dying sun
It pierces through
Illuminating the skin on my hand
I look at it
And suddenly
My eyes are full of tears
What the fuck am i doing here?
While a beautiful sun sets outside
But then the lights are on
The chatter resumes
Keyboards start clickclacking again
There are deadlines to be met
Projects reports to be delivered
Excel Sheets to be filled
I should be thrilled
But I miss the sliver of sunlight
I miss the fight
I used to fight
I miss myself
In this bright artificial light.

Office had a powercut for a minutes today. That inspired this poem.
I am writing lot of office themed poems, I don't know why, but this is what I want to write, for now.


  1. That is a neat poem, especially because it is simple and relatable.

  2. i envy the people who sit next to windows. the top monkeys get those spots. i'm right in the middle of the frikkin floor! X(

  3. @Rahul..thanks dude :)

    @KG...I'm aiming for simplicity these days. Glad you could relate.

    @Princess I like too :D

    @Kris...my office has the windows all taped up. They don't want us dreaming of freedom. :|


  4. Stumbled upon your blog.. I think many working professionals entrapped in corporate clutter can relate to this poem.

    Liked it!

    We all need a little bit of that Sunshine and the world from which we are always cut off... in a week stretching from Monday to Friday and a weekend in, as u say, anticipation of Monday!

    Time to make a call, pack our bags and get going...