Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Thief :: A Poem

Reached office few minutes early today
Someone has stolen my chair again
Makes me wonder about the people here
Do they even know the meaning of fear?

This is deeply disturbing
I don't have a chair anymore
Where will i sit when working
I am not at all sure

Maybe I should get out of this place
Go some place where no one knows me
Disappear here and never show them my face
But i've not reached that level of insanity

So I steal someone's chair and wait for a change
A change that will help me re-arrange
All that is wrong and all that is right
Get a fixed chair and end the daily fight

This feels pretty stupid once i have written but I never said that I was too smart.

1 comment:

  1. people steal chairs in my office all the time. sometimes, people steal chairs and take them to conference rooms.

    around 3 years ago, i figured out exactly how to adjust my chair, so that it doesn't matter any more.