Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Poem Of Bitterness

Dreams of falling, dreams of flying
Dreams of fucking, dreams of crying
In some dreams i'm really happy
In some dreams i'm fucking dying

When I wake up I sometimes scream
Try to grasp the slippery tail of a dream
Hold it, explore it, dismember
Something to make me remember

The tension weights heavy on me
I can't unsee the things I see
I am just a dark shadow
Of the dude I used to be

There will be only bitterness in the end
We all will fall and fail to defend
The Tank of Death is awesomer than shit
We just can't, just can't stop it

There is no word called awesomer, it is, but a synonym for tank.


  1. good shit (stuff)!

    "i'm just a dark shadow
    of the dude i used to be"

    And we chase those shadows to the point of....

  2. why aren't you on tumblr, 'cause then i would definitely recommend you for creative writing or poetry (not sure if poetry is a category)?

    my fav lines:
    When I wake up I sometimes scream
    Try to grasp the slippery tail of a dream

    what do i say except that this is somewhat like finding your favourite brand of shampoo with its conditioner after 7 years. it happened with me and then i was so happy, my happiness was beyond my own comprehension. reading this poem is like that feeling.

    good work i say. your poems are as crispy as your stories. consistency, i see.

  3. @kinetic thank you. In case you come back to read this, which blog do you post at? There are some 7 in your profile! :)

    @Neo I am on tumblr, i just use it to view. I write on blogger. Thanks for liking the poems, i myself believe that I am more of a poet than a story writer :)