Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Pit Of Hate

Stillness is a strange void
Where thoughts dare not tread
My mind is a black hole
Insiginificating everything

There is only me
Left alone in this pit
With just my hate for company
I don't need anybody

I can feel it bubble in my chest
Like a heart attack, slowing rising
I will puke out swear words
And never get done puking

Why can't i make sense anymore
I am not even unsure
The deadening certanity
To be trapped in this pit
For eternity
Till my hate kills me.
Till my hate kills me.


  1. Hmmm...a poem adorned in a black gown of "lonely pessimism"..Hmm..."Stillness is a strange void"...a reader can't help imagining the poet's static, and hating state of "statelessness" a pit begging for light to be lit...hmm...

  2. This is so so so "death metal" dude!

  3. "till my hate kills me"

    I'd read this post as soon as you'd posted it and this particular line managed to linger around my mind the whole day long!

    I need not say how I can completely relate to it!

    AND you're equally good with short stories too..phew!

    Cheers man!
    Happy reading:)