Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Thief :: A Poem

Reached office few minutes early today
Someone has stolen my chair again
Makes me wonder about the people here
Do they even know the meaning of fear?

This is deeply disturbing
I don't have a chair anymore
Where will i sit when working
I am not at all sure

Maybe I should get out of this place
Go some place where no one knows me
Disappear here and never show them my face
But i've not reached that level of insanity

So I steal someone's chair and wait for a change
A change that will help me re-arrange
All that is wrong and all that is right
Get a fixed chair and end the daily fight

This feels pretty stupid once i have written but I never said that I was too smart.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Poem Of Bitterness

Dreams of falling, dreams of flying
Dreams of fucking, dreams of crying
In some dreams i'm really happy
In some dreams i'm fucking dying

When I wake up I sometimes scream
Try to grasp the slippery tail of a dream
Hold it, explore it, dismember
Something to make me remember

The tension weights heavy on me
I can't unsee the things I see
I am just a dark shadow
Of the dude I used to be

There will be only bitterness in the end
We all will fall and fail to defend
The Tank of Death is awesomer than shit
We just can't, just can't stop it

There is no word called awesomer, it is, but a synonym for tank.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Burn

It's really simple
We all need to burn
With the fire that only we know
We need to turn, the tide

There is no other way
To find some kind of salvation
Except to light a fire
Under the ass of this nation

The nation is all of us
It is me, them and you
We need to get the fuck up
Before we realize its not true

Realize the lies
This is all a dream
Just keep alive the fire
And be ready to scream

This is war
A silent war in violent streets
Fought in minds of men
Where anger breeds

Wake up
Wake up
Wake up
Wake up

And burn.
Bright like the sun.

Our generation has no real war but our war is spiritual. Survival is our war.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


What the fuck has happened?
Warriors turned to bitches
Complaining about the wounds
That were once hailed as prizes

These scars were a gift
Now they're just ugly marks
The roars that shook the heavens
Now just biteless barks

Saddened, maddened and weak
The strong are now just meek
Waiting to inherit the earth
By default, without war

They don't even feel the shame
Of mud splattered on their name
I know why they fail to see
All of them are only me.


Won't apologise if i am flooding your feed readers or blog link lists with posts. I just feel like writing today. Bear with me. Please.

The Day I Lost My Mind

Ugly ghost of anger
Will rip me apart
Feast on my rotting innards
I do not want to escape.

I always waited for this day
When i knew i'd go insane
But now that it's here
I do not want it at all

But how can i refuse?
I fucking asked for this.

I carry this bag of hate on my back
Bent, ready to be fucked over by the world
They say that they love me a lot
I don't feel it for some weird reason

I know I'm getting used
I think I deserve this

I'm searching for the trigger
What kicked off this depression
I'm searching my inner mind
For some kind of confession

But there is none, not even one
Just silence, Blessed silence
Piercing through my thoughts
Coloring them in violence

The Pit Of Hate

Stillness is a strange void
Where thoughts dare not tread
My mind is a black hole
Insiginificating everything

There is only me
Left alone in this pit
With just my hate for company
I don't need anybody

I can feel it bubble in my chest
Like a heart attack, slowing rising
I will puke out swear words
And never get done puking

Why can't i make sense anymore
I am not even unsure
The deadening certanity
To be trapped in this pit
For eternity
Till my hate kills me.
Till my hate kills me.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Who Understands?

Even after love and hate
There is a deep desire in every man
To be understood
With all his faults, failures and fuck ups
To be understood.

That's why men keep dogs as pets
Because dogs understand
Dogs don't judge
They will love you even if you murder babies
Women on the other hand...

There is no anger even
Just a vapid desire
No glowing embers
Just an aftertaste of fire
The memory of a kiss, drifting away

Thoughts, broken
Like pieces of glass
In kaleidoscopes
Making ugly shapes
Wishing for someone
Who understands.