Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Too Little Time

When you look at a sunset
How can you say
that there is no God.
This cannot be a work of science
There is too much entropy
Dancing in perfect harmony
With something that shouldn't even exist
There is too much magic in the world
And too much beauty
But too little time to take it all in
Too little time


  1. At Times We Over See or Fail To See & Appreciate God's Creation & Beauty of Nature!!!!

    Beautiful Lines.

  2. too little time to absorb all the beauty in my eyes :D

  3. *sniff sniff*
    You've seen the movie "American beauty"?
    Reminds me of that movie.

    Ha. Now you'll tell me, all your writings remind me of something =P

    But. I agree. So much beauty. So little time.