Sunday, May 16, 2010

Trigger- a collection of poems.

1. The spinning circle

Hello circle, let's spin. Repeat the cycle of bullshit. Go through the same crap again. Let the visions come true this time, a wall splattered with thoughts in my mind. Let's leave this all behind, break through the circle. That would be nice, no? But we're lazy so no go.
No go at all, just fucked up madness, makes no sense, oh let me just pull the trigger.

2. Saturday Night
It's saturday night, you're drunk again, just like last week and the week before that. But Monday will still be here. Soon.

3. well this is not going to end well. We sing the song of something wicked something cruel something that rose from the depth of the sea and left us yearning for death, destruction and paranoia. We s ing this song for darkness, and the call for blood that beasts in our breasts.we sing this song for you. Sleeping darkly like a dead child, blissful in the knowledge that the world won't wake you up...



  1. The spinning circle... i love it :)

  2. ah crap, the formatting fucked up on this one.