Sunday, May 9, 2010


There will always be
A tough decision to make
A heart to break
A life to to take
A love to fake

But a man's gotta decide
When to fight and
When to hide and
When to ride
Decide to die? live?

Man enough?
Got the stuff?
Because it takes less courage to pull the trigger
And more to be bigger
Than life

It's difficult.
You know it.


  1. You killed someone today!!!

    Did someone found out your real identity or what?

  2. All true, and most people can wander through life without dealing with these thoughts of reality.
    A few poses, a facade seen on tv, and some fake words and presto, a fake world with fake rules.
    When the real world hits these people, it hits them like a brick loaded mac truck.
    Rock on!

  3. my first comment to the blog... not any comment as such... just admiration... you rock :)

  4. .to be bigger than life, lots of unaswered questions here, thought provoking stuff ;) I like