Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Click

Hello god,
Here I am in your temple.
On my knees
And I am not smiling
Because you are holding
This thing,
This gun to my face
Telling me to kiss it
What do I do?
You're a God
The God.
So I do as you say
Then I hear
A single click
And then
The world is silent
If I talk, it will be in vowels.
Hey, influenced by Fight Club.


  1. Don't worry. There ain't no bullets in Heaven. heehee
    Rock on!

  2. FightClub made some impression I see... :D

  3. Fack! I love this one. Simple and facking brilliant. LOVE. IT!

  4. =)

    Speaking in vowels. That reminds me of the Indian movie "Golmaal".

    *Aiieyaaa ooooo* =P

    It was good. That's why I commented.