Friday, March 12, 2010

Soul Puke

I want to kill myself
I wear these chains
In pain
In pain
It takes balls to pull the trigger
I'll always respect Kurt for that
They can commercialize his soul
But for that one moment
He'll be my hero

What does it take to break free of
All this?
Maybe a pair of balls
Maybe two
If I don't have these
Do you?

I bite my tongue
I don't want to speak
I just want to lie in this conformity
That has rusted my soul
And the rust pukes
*stretch fingers*
Yeah, feels good to get that out.
Welcome back
Let's rock out!


  1. Zen has come,
    lets fuck the chain,
    pull out the trigger,
    i got balls, you got too,
    lets break the walls, make em shoo!


  2. I liked this one. It speaks about confinement. It speaks about death as a release. As liberation. Or maybe Kurt Cobain's action is just a metaphor for having the guts to break free. The manner in which freedom is attained is inconsequential, hmm? As long as the attainment has happened.

    Very angsty.