Friday, March 19, 2010


The little voice in my head
The one focused light of awesomeness
It's getting brighter, louder
Like a demon beating
On the walls of its cell (in my mind)
Making dents and indentions
Tattooing a song of protest in blood and bone
It will not accept submission
Or defeat
Or death
It will break free
One of these days
Today or tomorrow
What will happen then?
A change, of course.
A change to change all changes

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Simple Pleasure

There is a simple pleasure
In a touch,
A smile,
A look,
That I'll remember

Like a photograph
Clicked with mind's camera
Imprinted in my eyes

Yes, there are magical moments in life
There is a God
Even if he doesn't give a fuck about us
All the time
Sometimes he does
And those times are the simple pleasures

Be ready with your camera then,
Be ready to click.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Soul Puke

I want to kill myself
I wear these chains
In pain
In pain
It takes balls to pull the trigger
I'll always respect Kurt for that
They can commercialize his soul
But for that one moment
He'll be my hero

What does it take to break free of
All this?
Maybe a pair of balls
Maybe two
If I don't have these
Do you?

I bite my tongue
I don't want to speak
I just want to lie in this conformity
That has rusted my soul
And the rust pukes
*stretch fingers*
Yeah, feels good to get that out.
Welcome back
Let's rock out!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hello, been some time.

Many times, we read blog posts where the blogger apologizes to everyone for not posting becuase of a number of strange and equally amusing excuses.

I have not written here for a while, because I've been writing on my primary blog, A Story A Day . I wrote there regularly for around 22 days. Missing five days out of Feb cuz of structural problems or travel obligations, but every night that I was in my room, I wrote. The days I wasn't I wrote on paper.

Why am i telling this here. I don't know. Just freeing up my head space. I just saw that the follower number for this blog has increased. Thanks for following the blog :) i'll come up with some rhyming madness in a bit.

If you want to connect on twitter, my handle there is @fubar69. Follow me, say hi, tell me you came from Poetry and I will love you like my family member :)