Monday, February 1, 2010

The Look on Your Face

So it begins,
Like it always does
There is nothing new to it
We've seen all this a million times before
The same stories, with different people
Love, anger, lust, sadness, madness
Oh please can we have something new now?
How long till the evolution ends
And we become
Angels or pigs in zen
As we were supposed to be
Weren't we?
Oh, i know that look on your face!
No one told you!
Your life is happening without your knowledge, take charge, don't be dumbfounded when the moment of reckoning comes.


  1. im wondering at how effortlessly and matter-of-factly you have talked about a very profound happenstance. i loved the last 2 lines.
    but then life's pretty much done with you know... haven't you faced an awkward and bewildered silence when you ask someone (after they have ranted about things that they have been doing)..."so what else is new...?"

  2. It's tough to find someone to listen to you, or talk to...

    The idea here that we live our lives in a kind of senseless dream. Like living zombies, and one day, death knocks and says, hey, it's time to go!



  3. Hmmn...
    So futile you make it sound. I want to refute...but i know it is the truth.
    it is like something hitting you and you just dont know what's hit you.
    Very sad. But true.