Friday, January 22, 2010

It Doesn't Matter

Sharp swords
Sharper words
How are you going to cut me?

Time heals
Scabs peel
You know I love the pain?
Never enough.

That look
It pierces me, in the sickest ways.
I cry sometimes.

I worship
Only you
So even if you fuck me up
No, it doesn't matter.
See, I believe in a no holds barred level of devotion. Yeah, that's what I believe in but I don't expect that from anyone, but me. Expecting anything from anyone is just plain selfish and wrong. The best you can do is dedicate yourself. That's all.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I don't like it when it rains

Hello patrons of Poetry
I know you have been watching
Waiting for me to spew
Madness upon these pages
But I have just been busy
Doing this and doing that
In between i've not been done
(If you know what i mean)
I've just not been having fun
So let's just wait till things settle down a bit
And I swim out of this whirlpool of shit
I will rhyme again in pleasure or pain
But I don't like it when it rains

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Angry Eyes :: A Poem in Free Verse

lost, alone
floating in the void
Life has become

I cannot scream

fingers splayed
mouth wide open
a silent prayer to the skies
eyes angry
at the games gods play with men

sometimes asleep, I cannot dream
my head full of memories
i can't forget
i cannot remember what I wanted to forget
so i lie fetal, in my defense

the cold wind rakes through my bones
whipping snake tongues on my skin
to lick my soul full of sin