Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here Comes Another Year

Walk in new year
I want to hear
What do you have to say?
Why did the last one turn out that way?

Was it the sins of the people
Their uncontrollable stupidity
Was it the madness and lunacy
Or something more shitty

So what do you have to say new year
Shall we celebrate or cower in fear
You are wrapped in fog and nothing is clear
I am confused about you, so I will swear

Tired, writing on automatic.
Happy New Year everyone.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cog In The Machine

I am just another number
Once dumb, now dumber
I am not what I should have been
I am just a fucking cog in the machine

Everyday I go through the same grind
Good times I have left behind, far behind
Someday, I will fall down and rust
But the machine will use me till I go bust

Still the soul in me is an angry beast
It will not let me think or feel, anything else
I will slam my fist in the walls of life
Scream for Death to take me to hell

I know, Death will say no
It's not my time yet
This little cog will protest its anger
To bring down the machine, you bet.

I will be the anomaly
The cancer in the bones of this system
I will not rest till I am the best
Above and beyond everyfuckingone

Feeling random. I used to write shittier poems like this when I was a teenager. Hrrumph.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Drugged Angels On the Sidewalks

Have you ever felt peace?
The absolute sensation that nothing
Absolutely nothing
Can or will fuck up your Zen.
What is the reality of peace?
Isn't the soul of man born to fight?
What are we without something to fight against
Or for?
We're all fighters, you know
Think about it.
Thought about it?
Now tell me are you gonna give up?
Are you gonna fight?
Into the darkness?
Into the abyss
And stare inside the dark
Scream out...something
A name, a curse, an angry expression of anger
But scream you must
If you don't, the darkness will take you
We wouldn't want that now, would we?
Merry Christmas. I've been busy writing stories on my other blog, A Story A Day but at heart, i think i'll always be a poet :|

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Your Tiny Toenail

I will sit near your feet and try
To explore the beauty and the mysteries
Of your tiny toenail
The smooth oval, tiny and fragile
That looks to me like a tiny moon
Pulled down from the heaven and
Captured by you
Just like you captured me
The hunter now the prey
So I pray
To understand the beauty
Of your tiny toenail

Shadowed Hearts

What are you thinking love?
What secrets are there in your head?
I don't really want to know the details
I just want to know if there are any

Every little lie you tell
Pushes me closer to hell
I am afraid of the darkness you know
It's somewhere I don't want to go

Why does love have to be so messed up
Why can't we love simply, just love
Why all these strings and attachments
Why do I have to know your friends?

I only wanted to love you
No one else but only you
How difficult is that?
Is this what we had asked for?

Keeping it simple for a while. Bear with me.
Thanks for reading.