Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Shadowed Hearts

What are you thinking love?
What secrets are there in your head?
I don't really want to know the details
I just want to know if there are any

Every little lie you tell
Pushes me closer to hell
I am afraid of the darkness you know
It's somewhere I don't want to go

Why does love have to be so messed up
Why can't we love simply, just love
Why all these strings and attachments
Why do I have to know your friends?

I only wanted to love you
No one else but only you
How difficult is that?
Is this what we had asked for?

Keeping it simple for a while. Bear with me.
Thanks for reading.


  1. This is way to simple than the complexities you reach so ably!

    Waiting for more. Feed the hungry, will you?

  2. Limpidus...

    I am trying to bring simplicity in everything I do actually. Pretty zen it is :D


    P.S - somehow I am not able to comment on your blog. the comment form is fucking up :|

  3. simple yet defines all d complexities..gr8

  4. wats love thats not complex and doesnt give you pain sometimes.?..