Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Poem Of Feelings

There are leeches in the water
There are swarms in the air
There are people on the sidewalks
They are listening to John Mayer

There is no place that is safe
There is no one who is sane
When the chips all fall off
You too should better go insane

The stink of the world is wrong
No one listens to your song
Withering in the oil of loneliness
You can't get out of this mess

Words do not make sense at times
There is no sense in words anyway
It all boils down to how you feel
And if those feelings are really real


  1. The last line is the one that brings it all together; from a rant with growing madness to a perfectly aimed shot into the mind of the reader.
    Or, something like that. Hell, what do I know?
    Rock on!

  2. Wow..............I mean it....WOW

  3. Rex...
    More like a gentle slap with a metal brick ;)

    You mean it? Really? he he, COOL!


  4. The last two stanzas lost me in the melody.:(
    No really, the first two got me moving with a certain meter. The second two lost the consistency of that meter.

    No wait!
    This might be your style. You change meters?!

    That was about the structure. The stuff is kickass true. Oh, shallow men! I wish I could strike you all down for the love of this one piece of art.