Sunday, September 13, 2009


Have you ever crashed?
Did time slow down?
Those useless actions that didn't help
Twisting and turning to get things back under control

The surprise on failing control
The rush of adrenaline through your system
That sudden spike of energy
That made you invincible, unbreakable

So fuck it if you broke
Cuz it could have been worse
Think of every breath as a blessing
Ride with Death's hand on your shoulder

The feeble grip of bony fingers
That gets tighter on every fast turn
Watching every errant vehicle near you
Let Death protect you.

Almost crashed today. Thankfully, not a single scratch. Thanks to whoever is up there taking care of me.


  1. you said it man!

    i'm waiting for a poem about the awesome feeling of being the fastest thing on the road. or maybe the first moments after a crash. just keep the #awesomeness coming!!!

  2. interesting thought kris, might write something about it one of these days ;)

    Rock on!