Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Cigarette

The cigarette dangles from her slender fingers
Leaving curls of smoke in the air
Lazily, she takes a drag
And blows the smoke in my face

The smile is in her eyes now
The joke is only on me
She strokes my head and touches my cheek
Almost motherly

The ashes float to the floor
She stubs the cigarette in my skin
I wince in pain but do not cry
I light another one for her

We do this till the morning light
Till I'm out of breath and out of fight
She uncuffs me so I can rest
Tonight will be another test

Of love, love and love
Brrr, this is kinda spooky. Don't know where it just jumbled together from. The premise here is that a guy and a girl love each other but she is so possessive that she won't let him go. And the weird thing here is that the guy is ok with her possessiveness. So, it's like a mutually beneficial, not predatory, but symbiotic relationship which keeps everyone happy! yay! #WIN


  1. MW...

    My story is much more interesting than this ;)

    Maybe it's someone around me, or maybe I just imagined it up. Can't really tell, it's in the moment in which I wrote the words and it's difficult to recall the same emotions.



  2. your poems seem to have some haunting trance about them...this one in particular. what i liked the best is the realistic imagery that the words evoke..just wonder why you put that explanation below...the poem doesn't need that.
    loved reading you.

  3. Hello N...thanks for the comment. about that navigation bit..well, i had all that material on the blog until i started writing for hubpages..therefore the links.
    does that hinder reading experience? do let me know..thanks.

  4. I wanted to comment because it says
    # dared to comment.

    The stuff here is really good. The imagery of girl stubbing the ciggy on the guy's skin is so dark.
    What a masochistic guy! I totally love him already!

  5. hello N..thanks for the advice. i didn't really think much on that...right, li'le things...but they matter. well, don't think can do much about the hubpages bit...since it asks for original content, i can't really post one article at two places. also, i want to link my hubpages reviews to the blog...can't think of a better idea.
    thanks for the twitter link...will follow you.

  6. Limpidus...

    You mean to say you also wanna do this to a guy? I mean who doesn't love a guy who can take some punishment eh? ;) he he.

    Rock on!


  7. Tina...

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