Friday, September 25, 2009

Bloody Love :: A Poem Of War Love

You take the one sword from my hand
And skewer the man behind me.
I kiss your lips and throw my staff
In face of man who you can't see

There is blood and guts on your hands
Your fingers intertwined in mine
We course through this massacre
Our love baby, is so fine

You wipe the blood from my eyes
That glimmer full of love for you
As I twist the neck of a fucker
Who got too close for comfort

We are joined by blood in this battlefield
The blood of our enemies who lie dying
So lets consummate our union, come
In midst of warriors screaming crying

Their screams will be our blessings
Their curses, our boons
Death and murder the gifts we take
Our bloody love will shine eternal


  1. This reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean III.


  2. I am shit depressed now. When I thought nothing could make me smile, I read this. and smiled.

    I am so in your groove, baby!XD

  3. My Foot...

    Ah, yes, that was a lovely scene when orlando and kiera get married on the ship between the fighting! No I was not thinking of that when I wrote :P


  4. Limpidus...

    Hey, I'm glad you liked. If I can make a person smile with my words, it's like the biggest compliment. Thanks!

    Hope the depression wears off soon.