Monday, August 3, 2009

Last Tank On Planet Earth -

A Poem of Monkeys and Tankman

The green has taken over the planet
Monkeys frolic and bounce in the trees
Man had invited this fate
And the end of human species

But there is only one last hope
A man left in darkness to grope
Alone in a tank in middle of nowhere
Just ammo and a desire to be somewhere (else)

Does he fight to survive or for a higher purpose?
What strange voices make his head buzz?
Where does the new stock of ammo come from?
All this questions are unanswered in his head

So he sits in the last tank on planet earth
Waiting for the commands he has heard since his birth
The can of beer in his hand is still cold
The Tankman is 25 and he isn't getting old.

Ok, I am back with poems bubbling in my head. There are going to be more Monkey Poems and more Tankman Poems. Cuz someone here mentioned them. Yesh, MKan, I mean you :) thanks!


  1. Yay to the Tank Man, and his ammo may never end. Thanks for bringing back the Tank Man

  2. If its the last tank and thats symbolic, then he's won. No need of more ammo.

    If it isn't symbolic, and the war is going on with other weapons, ammo will come.

    Where's the monkey.

    (Gone to get bananas to fire?)