Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You Say?

The heavy sun hangs low
I'll only sing the songs you know
Shadows of night are crawling fast
Soon, it will be time for me to go

You say 'No'.

The world is crawling to a halt
It seems that it is all my fault
Time is stuck, so are clouds
But I know that I must go

You say 'No'

The smile on your lips is so inviting
All my feelings I am fighting
You know I want to kiss you slow
You know too that I must go

You say 'No'

Your skin seems so warn to touch
I always asked for just this much
I cannot move now, your eyes have me snared
I make my mind I will not go.

You say 'Go'


  1. What a class!!
    Really liked it...


  2. hey.. thts nice..
    things going opposite.
    tht happpens with us. most of d time.. :)