Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Dark Warriors

Finally, they have me surrounded
I'm alone and dumbfounded
Their weapons sharp, reflect the dark
Their bite will be worse than my bark

In a circle of ten they laugh at me
Only glinting eyes and sharp teeth I see
Their laughter is like nails on blackboard
If they don't kill soon, I'll get bored

"Come on fuckers, take your best shot"
And suddenly I'm feeling hot
One swings his sword and it passes through me
His arm is on fire, and quickly burning

The next few seconds are a feverish rush
I open my eyes to see fire in the bush
They lie around me all burning on the road
The chicken curry i had in lunch made my ass explode.
*slams head in keyboard*


  1. This one's just precious. At first, I wanted to ask whether you were on meth but that last line was pure fubar-ness!

    Hence, no credit to meth, even if you were on it.

  2. haha that's an unpredictable twist, i was beginning to think this would be another epic battle between tank man and the monkeys...

    I miss the tank man

    great going dude.. as always

  3. My Foot...

    I was extremely sleepy. That's close to being on Meth :D But can't even get decent meth around here.


  4. MKan...

    Dude, it's nice, very nice to see someone remembers TankMan and Monkey poems! Will write something soon. Tankman shall not be missed!!!

  5. Ok. Right up to the end, I was picturing some cool fantastical heroic fight.
    But, now, I picture quite the mess!
    Rock on!

  6. Rex...

    Always good to see you here man :D

    A Mess is a yess!



  7. LOL!

    Everything fits in context of the last line.

    Only these two I didn't really understand how

    //One swings his sword and it passes through me
    //His arm is on fire, and quickly burning