Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Dark Warriors

Finally, they have me surrounded
I'm alone and dumbfounded
Their weapons sharp, reflect the dark
Their bite will be worse than my bark

In a circle of ten they laugh at me
Only glinting eyes and sharp teeth I see
Their laughter is like nails on blackboard
If they don't kill soon, I'll get bored

"Come on fuckers, take your best shot"
And suddenly I'm feeling hot
One swings his sword and it passes through me
His arm is on fire, and quickly burning

The next few seconds are a feverish rush
I open my eyes to see fire in the bush
They lie around me all burning on the road
The chicken curry i had in lunch made my ass explode.
*slams head in keyboard*

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You Say?

The heavy sun hangs low
I'll only sing the songs you know
Shadows of night are crawling fast
Soon, it will be time for me to go

You say 'No'.

The world is crawling to a halt
It seems that it is all my fault
Time is stuck, so are clouds
But I know that I must go

You say 'No'

The smile on your lips is so inviting
All my feelings I am fighting
You know I want to kiss you slow
You know too that I must go

You say 'No'

Your skin seems so warn to touch
I always asked for just this much
I cannot move now, your eyes have me snared
I make my mind I will not go.

You say 'Go'

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Let Me Entertain Me

The music is just noise
In my head is a voice
It's speaking orders to me

The TV screen is just snow
There is nowhere left to go
I can see patterns in the chaos

The radio is just empty static
I won't let the silence make me sick
I'll drain my ears with sound and fury

The internet is slow like a dead dog
Maybe it's the bandwidth that I hog
I'll keep doing it till I'm awake
We are so addicted to entertaining ourselves.