Monday, June 8, 2009

Shadow Dance Omega

I looked for sense in books
In street corners and nooks
I checked with the crooks
All I got were dirty looks

Some days, it simply isn't done
What is the purpose of being a human?
Would I be happy if I were a tree
Would being rooted set me free?

We are trapped in cyclical fits
Repetitive pain of being alive
But we grow so used to the bullshit
If not fed that we'd not survive

There is only a question, forever
The answer for it is never never
It is only a smirking, smug grin
On the face of the big joker, God.

Hello dear readers, how have you all been?


  1. Ahhh
    The Big Joker in the Sky!
    Rock on!

  2. i like it...lolz...

    in god i don't belive but still this was funny.

  3. :D

    *one thumbs up*
    *tentatively puts the other thumb up too*

    *big smile*

  4. Almost Nice. :P (can't help the honesty)
    But why so serious? :P

    ps 1.Here from Brown phantom's.
    ps2. This poem reminded me of the song 'working class hero'

  5. Rex... Biggest joker dude. Rocking!

    Rabbit...God doesn't believe in your either, so it's cool.

    Sia...Well, good you got both thumbs up, this way you can't show me the finger! LOL!:) wasn't meant to be nice ;) I'm not serious here, this is actually funny :D Working class hero is a nice song :)


  6. Yeah--my comment was supposed to be funny too!! :)

  7. Btw i forgot to tell you that i loved the second para...

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