Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Sexy Fear

The peace is a lie
One day we will die
It's just a matter of
Who will first fuck off

All day I am just scared
Of what I'm laying bare
The angry feelings I feel
Can they someday become real?

Maybe this is all just a dream
Twenty five summers I have seen
Still, I'm trapped and never free
How many winters will I see?

I've forgotten why I am here
I'm only haunted by a sexy fear
I love it, won't let go of it
It loves me too, just like you.


  1. nothingman- DELICIOUS is all i can dare to say.
    i love poetry and this blog was such a treat.
    i love the concept of fear being sexy...

    please check out some of the poetry on my blog and tell me what you think...

  2. can say anything you want to. Really! we are cool here.

    Thanks for liking the blog, shall drop by yours soon :)



  3. Yeah, the 'concept' of fear being sexy is cool. speak your mind in the poems, they don't seem like poems to me, they're like rhyming thoughts.
    Take it as a compliment.

  4. I am not high. Not even on laughing gas. Yet again I was laughing again. Somehow first and last para are funny. The middle too are like the poem stuff they made us read in school, "woods are lovely dark and deep" and such serious/philosophical/arty kinds.

    If someone had made me read the paras separately, I would never guess they were part of same poem

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