Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Poem Of Adsense

The readers of this blog are
Different and close to me than readers of
My other two blogs
But i must do this

Which I do not like that much
But I feel the time is neigh
I am in need and I have realized
The bottom line is money

If i make money from these ads,
(Which I am doubtful that I will)
The first check from Google comes at $300
That is exactly what I get by working 12 hours a day
21 days a month, doing something that i do not love
so much as i love this blog, I must do this

I feel guilty for doing this
Am i prostituting my art?
Is this even art?
Am i prostituting my skills?
But don't we all?

Now, i guess i will let it be
And see
If I can write a poem that rhymes


  1. Hmmm very interesting there...

  2. lolz man, it's fine...we'll click away at your ads then..

  3. No one's judging :P Monetize to your heart's content!

  4. Nice one!
    Amazing :-)


  5. You have two OTHER blogs.
    I only know two INCLUDING this.
    Drop by a link on my blog. Or add that one to you profile!