Friday, May 29, 2009

Me and My Demons

I want to drift away tonight
Find my demons,
Face them
Offer them a lit cigarette
(even though I do not smoke, but I think all demons do)
Share a bottle of vodka with them

"It's been a long journey guys,"
I will tell them, as i fill their glasses
"True, true, remember when you were six?"
"Yeah," I'll say, "you helped me write the first poem."
"And made you think thoughts of never-ending evil."

"I like that," I'll say, "thanks, i really appreciate."

They will all laugh with me, at me,
Like grandfathers laughing at a kid who has
Walked in on a meeting of strangers.


  1. Awwww...
    that was sweet


  2. hehe

    i am going to meet my demons now.I hope they like vodka ;D

    tc n have a nice day

  3. I think sometimes that is the best make friends with such.I love the humour within your words, you.

  4. AJ...sweet like poison.

    Rex...i love it too! Rocking!

    Monk-E....mmm mmm mmm mmm now, that's a real song. keep changing your names dude. All demons like vodka. THAT's a fact!

    SarahA...hi, nice to see you on my blog. Read some of your poems. Impressive! :D