Friday, May 22, 2009

Love The Pain

Burn through the circle
Learn from our mistakes
Life isn't that simple
We gotta do what it takes

Hammer to the anvil babe
There is trouble in the skies
Life will keep asking questions
And we will keep telling lies

Kicked in the teeth
Lost for words that you might like
Life runs faster than death
And faster than my bike

Torn, bruised and beaten
Fuck it, I'm not moving again
Life is just a cycle of hurt
But don't we love the pain?



I have tried using a different rhyme structure in this poem. Every third line starts with word Life, and the poem's every second and fourth line rhyme. It's fun writing poems about pain, poems about life, poems about love and poems about the redundancy and uselessness of life. Hope you like!


  1. i like :) reminds of d stuff i usually write abt :P

    great to be back here dude.. been a whyl.. hope ur doin gud.. tcz!


  2. I loooveee the bloody pain and endurance tests....nice poem..