Friday, May 29, 2009

Me and My Demons

I want to drift away tonight
Find my demons,
Face them
Offer them a lit cigarette
(even though I do not smoke, but I think all demons do)
Share a bottle of vodka with them

"It's been a long journey guys,"
I will tell them, as i fill their glasses
"True, true, remember when you were six?"
"Yeah," I'll say, "you helped me write the first poem."
"And made you think thoughts of never-ending evil."

"I like that," I'll say, "thanks, i really appreciate."

They will all laugh with me, at me,
Like grandfathers laughing at a kid who has
Walked in on a meeting of strangers.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Poem Of Adsense

The readers of this blog are
Different and close to me than readers of
My other two blogs
But i must do this

Which I do not like that much
But I feel the time is neigh
I am in need and I have realized
The bottom line is money

If i make money from these ads,
(Which I am doubtful that I will)
The first check from Google comes at $300
That is exactly what I get by working 12 hours a day
21 days a month, doing something that i do not love
so much as i love this blog, I must do this

I feel guilty for doing this
Am i prostituting my art?
Is this even art?
Am i prostituting my skills?
But don't we all?

Now, i guess i will let it be
And see
If I can write a poem that rhymes

Friday, May 22, 2009

Love The Pain

Burn through the circle
Learn from our mistakes
Life isn't that simple
We gotta do what it takes

Hammer to the anvil babe
There is trouble in the skies
Life will keep asking questions
And we will keep telling lies

Kicked in the teeth
Lost for words that you might like
Life runs faster than death
And faster than my bike

Torn, bruised and beaten
Fuck it, I'm not moving again
Life is just a cycle of hurt
But don't we love the pain?



I have tried using a different rhyme structure in this poem. Every third line starts with word Life, and the poem's every second and fourth line rhyme. It's fun writing poems about pain, poems about life, poems about love and poems about the redundancy and uselessness of life. Hope you like!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Sexy Fear

The peace is a lie
One day we will die
It's just a matter of
Who will first fuck off

All day I am just scared
Of what I'm laying bare
The angry feelings I feel
Can they someday become real?

Maybe this is all just a dream
Twenty five summers I have seen
Still, I'm trapped and never free
How many winters will I see?

I've forgotten why I am here
I'm only haunted by a sexy fear
I love it, won't let go of it
It loves me too, just like you.