Monday, December 1, 2008

The Monsteress

The Monstress from the Deep!!

Ugly, broken, heavily scarred
An image after my own heart
You rise like a wound from the sea
I know you are coming for me

Your eyes hidden behind the seaweed
None has seen one of your breed
Your hungry lips speak my name
Pray tell, what is this game?

You swim and splash through the waters dark
Like taking a stroll through the park
I wake up from this dream in my bed
My heart sinks like its made of lead

I feel you coming from a mile away
With your cries the night seems to sway
Finally, at my window you are seen
Oh love, where the fuck have you been?


And where the fuck have you been?


  1. awesome one man!!! reminds me of pirates of the caribbean...but far more vivid :)

  2. Seriously, where the fuck have(has) you(he)been?
    I tell you where. Doing social service. Ridding the world of randy horny people by gratifying them. Thats where. Like you didnt know. DUHHHH.


    P.S.-Sorry if i offend you with that but thats how the world is... :O

  3. Kris...oh yeah potc, great movie, now it feels like traces of that movie in the poem :P is ;)

    Sakshi...gee, offend me. I'd love that! ;)