Saturday, August 16, 2008


Lot of people email me to ask about the origins of the eternal conflict between Monkeys and Tankman. Today, I shall try to explain the origins of the lore, though the tale is shrouded by the dirty laundry of time travel and the future that we all might or might not have to face. To put it in simple layman terms, the Monkeys won over us all sometime in the future. Mankind fucked itself over, without any protection and died without any warning. But, ah the lovely but, one survived and maybe the one would restart the computer of humanity...who knows. 

Here are the origins of the lore, the somewhat fogged and unclear description of what really happened...

How It All Ended and How It All Began

When the human race was destroyed
The animal kingdom was overjoyed
They planted trees in minefields
The animals ate all the cheese

Soon, no sign of humans remained
Four legged beasts walked in times square (or what was left of it)
Radiation gave them cancer in the brain
Highly intelligent they all became

The one species that was the best affected
The monkeys grew strong in flesh and intellact
Supremacy over all they accepted, because
You just don't argue with an intelligent 12 foot monkey

But somewhere the light bulb of hope flickered
A boy woke up inside inside a tank, alone
He picked up his father's fumer
And swore to eliminate the monkeys

The day of reckoning shall come
When The Tankman gets his driving license
He will drive his tank out of the darkness
And teach the monkeys some fucking sense


How many monkey poems have we written? Anyone up for the count?

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  1. Glad to be back to read you again.
    i got lost amoung the monkeys....
    couln'nt do any posting either.
    As usual ..was happy to see your traces on my blog.
    You're really one hell of a guy!

    thankyou and be seeing you soon.