Thursday, August 21, 2008

Love Monkey

Love Monkey

The monkey sat sad in his tree

Waiting, abating, masturbating
Thinking of her

The fruits no longer appealed to him
Hating, grating, just not mating
With girl monkeys

The sky was always full of clouds
Staining, gaining, always raining
On his head

The other monkeys laughed at him
Howling, growling, he kept scowling
At himself

Yes, monkeys do fall in love.


  1. Love monkeys are the new shit!!

    Bow before the monkeys and pledge allegience before they tear out your soul and leave your body in tatters!!!

    heh, just kidding.


  2. ahuh..... love monkeys... u have us hooked here N =)

  3. Love monkeys sounds nice. Just don't make him weep n wail and write too much lovesick poetry :D