Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Holding On

The song that I used to sing
what we shared in between
it was mine, it was yours
it was a whole lot more
Night after night
neither darkness nor light
stood a chance to stop
what once began
It isn't this
and it isn't that
but it's enough
to keep us afloat
Sometimes through laughter
other times through pain
we went to memory lane
and we were us again

Now I sing a different song
I wait for you to sing along
let's do this now
and do it again
Guest Writer
We all need something to hold on to, an anchor for the soul.

*N says [woo!]


  1. anchors are heavy, they can sink you down :D

    Fly free babe ;)


  2. wen i started to read, i wondered wat made NM wrte such a good was later o realised it wasnt his..heheheh

    nehow, nice words...rock on guest writer..

  3. lol... i was baffled when i read it first... how could N write sumfin like this??!

    nicely written tho :)

    gosh its been so long... i shall take my time n look around in the next few days... :)