Monday, August 25, 2008

Hey Monkey!

* This is something different, not the usual monkey bullshit that I write, this poem is actually about a monkey in love. Really. What? You don't trust me? :O read on then!

Let's lie together
I want to hear that you love me
It would be so much fucking fun
To see a talking monkey

So, talk monkey talk
Tell me some words of wisdom
That I have known all along
Just want to hear them from you

You can't run away today
You can't jump away from this
You are trapped in a puzzle
That is sealed with a kiss

So, walk monkey walk
Walk this path made of nails
There is never truly an end, is there?
It's all just pain then everything fails
I am so clever 'cuz I used the word "lie" for a double meaning in the first line!

Go me! :D

Shouldn't have trusted me :P 

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