Saturday, July 12, 2008


I watch my torrents download

Torrents swirl in my mind
As I sit and watch them download
On my slow internet connection
The geek in me is somewhat un-satisfied

For I have heard of 2MBPS legends
In the lands far far away
Where people watch movies as they stream
If I could do that, I'd all but scream

But in this moment all I have is this
A study in patience and dogged determination
Of an inbuilt propensity for slow and steady
Even though I know I won't win the race like this

So, I watch my torrents download
Music, comics, books and porn for fun
Even though I can not upload
I will someday, in the times to come


  1. lol..this is too good man! i can totally relate to this...but i won't have to wait for long...i'm going to one of those 'lands far far away' pretty soon...

    The Lover

  2. i hope you do soon :)


  3. Ahhhh
    Comics and porn...
    Fun times
    Rock on!

  4. Nice Poem bro... I can feel the pain you are growing through 'coz I have my own experiences with that fuckedup internet connection man....Now I download with infinite speed:))))..

  5. Sorry to break it to you, but I am one of those legends.

  6. :)
    Hey, you *almost* spoke my mind.
    Nice 1!